Incorporating Cremains in a Memorial Garden

After your loved one has been cremated and you’ve held a memorial service in their honor, you may be indecisive about what you want to do with their ashes, or cremains. Since cremation has become America’s new favorite, eco-friendly way to say good-bye to loved ones, there are now many creative ways you can scatter and use cremains, depending on the interests your loved one had throughout life. Those who loved spending time near the ocean can have their ashes scattered in the ocean or placed in coral reef, whereas those who enjoyed music can choose to have their ashes made into records.

On the other hand, if your loved one enjoyed spending time in nature, or chose cremation with eco-friendly preferences in mind, you can place their cremains in a memorial garden and allow them to give back to nature for years to come.

Choosing garden space

The first step you must take when incorporating your loved one’s ashes into a memorial garden is choosing a garden plot, or garden space. If you or your family still owns the property on which your loved one resided, you can plant a garden there, or create garden space on your own property so that your loved one’s cremains are nearby and you can tend to the garden regularly. You may even be able to find a community garden in your local area that honors mixing cremains into garden space if you lack the space on your property for a memorial garden. When choosing garden space, keep in mind that you may want to select a location to which your friends and family have easy access and can visit regularly.

Selecting plant life

After you’ve chosen a garden plot, it’s time to think about the type of plants with which you’d like to mix your loved one’s cremains. If you want a relatively maintenance-free garden, choose perennials, which only need to be planted once and bloom every year. Perennials are usually simple to care for, but have shorter blooming periods. If you want a more colorful garden, you can choose annuals, which need to be planted every year but produce bright, vibrant flowers.

Fruits and vegetables are another great alternative to flowers, and will not only give back to nature, but can give back to you, your family, or even the community. Mix your loved one’s cremains with soil and plant hearty, robust vegetables such as squash, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, lettuce, and your other favorite fruits and vegetables. Planting a fruit and vegetable garden is a great way to allow your loved one to continue to care and provide for your family long after they have passed.

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