Low-cost cremation options help advance medical research

For many families, the death of a loved one can create a financial hardship due to the cost of a funeral or end-of-life medical bills. Others may have no life insurance or cash available to provide the deceased with an elaborate memorial service. If you’re in this situation, you should know that there are low-cost or no-cost cremation options available under certain circumstances.

Medical researchers across the country are always looking for human bodies on which they can perform certain procedures. These can include everything from drug testing to researching cures for various diseases. In exchange for allowing your loved one to advance medical science, the researchers in charge of these projects will provide low-cost or even free cremation.

In order to qualify, your loved one must meet certain medical and social criteria; consent from the next of kin will also be required. If approved, the remains will be picked up and transported to the research facility, where they will remain for around six to eight weeks before being cremated and shipped back to our location. We will gladly coordinate this process, to include assistance with filing any paperwork that is needed.

After receiving your loved one’s ashes, we can then hold a memorial service, or allow you to scatter them at a location of your choosing. We’ll even discuss the different options that are available as far as commemorative urns or cremation jewelry to remember your loved one by.

The fact that cremation can be such an affordable option can help ease many of the worries that are associated with end-of-life planning. To find out more about free or lost-cost cremation options, contact us today.

Heartland Cremation can help provide you with the guidance and planning you need for arranging the cremation of your loved one. Family-owned and operated, Heartland Cremation serves the Kansas City area, including the communities of Overland Park, Leawood, Prairie Village, Lenexa, and Olathe. Please contact us to discuss your cremation needs today.

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