Low-cost Cremation Planning

Burying your loved one shouldn’t be difficult on your finances. For anyone experiencing difficulty with the expenses associated with cremation planning, several options exist that may help you defray the costs.

  • The city or county office has cremation assistance for struggling families. Ask to speak to a representative about cremation assistance and how to apply. If you meet their criteria, the county will pay for the service.
  • The national government also offers cremation assistance. Contact the Social Security Administration office; they will help any surviving child of the deceased pay for their cremation costs. However, to be eligible, there cannot be a surviving spouse. The amount provided is $255, which will cut down on cremation costs.
  • Lean on your loved one’s health insurance for assistance. Your loved one’s state medical plan may have funds set aside for cremation purposes. Call them and ask.
  • Veterans who are deceased can get help from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Call them and talk about cremation assistance. They may be able to assist you with information or bury your loved one for you.
  • Lean on non-profit organizations for assistance. Talk to the church, organizations and clubs your loved one attended and joined. They may be able to provide advice or have assistance available to pay for cremation.
  • Websites such as ModestNeeds.org will offer grants and other financial assistance. Go to those websites and complete an application.
  • Raise money for cremation. Contact friends and family of the deceased to see if they can make a donation, or host a fundraiser.
  • Turn to the memorial or cremation service company for assistance. Some companies offer no-cost or low-cost cremation options, in which the body of the deceased is used to further medical research. After research is complete, the body is cremated and the remains returned to the family.

Cremation is often a better financial option for families than traditional burial, but even cremation can get expensive. We believe cremation should be available and affordable for everyone regardless of financial need. Contact us for more information on our affordable and no-cost cremation planning services.

At Heartland Cremation, we are devoted to providing you with a simple and dignified way to remember and honor your loved one. Heartland Cremation offers a comfortable and uncomplicated experience when it comes to arranging cremation and funeral services. With four generations of experience in the cremation business, we currently serve the greater Kansas City region and surrounding areas.

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