Making Light of Death

When facing death, the thought of being placed in a box to be left in the ground to slowly decay may not sit well with you. Unfortunately, everybody will face death sooner or later, and how you plan to deal with it can carry a lasting effect on yourself and your loved ones.

Talk about death with your friends and family
Don’t be afraid to talk with your loved ones about death. Whether you’re facing it soon, your loved one is, or you’re just being prepared, refusal to acknowledge death and talk about it can lead to pain and frustration. Conflict may arise between relatives who can’t decide how to best deal with the remains since the departed’s desired were never made clear. Friends and family might not know how to say goodbye.

Death is never easy, but there are ways you can make light of it. Finding a way to have fun when dealing with death can help ease the grievance process for yourself and your loved ones. When managing matters concerning death, talk to your loved ones about how to have some fun with it.

Choosing cremation to have fun with death
It’s hard to imagine accepting the concept of having fun with death. But, with a cremation, your options for a more fun approach to dealing with death are broadened. Are you or your loved one an adventurous hiker or an avid lover of the ocean? Talk about having the ashes scattered at some of your favorite locations. Cremains can even be scattered in multiple locations!

Perhaps you’re passionate about caring for nature? Did you know your cremated remains can be converted into nutrition for young trees? You can also have your remains solidified in a concrete mix to become the structure for a coral reef.

If you’re a fun-spirited person, maybe you’ll opt for one of the more wild options, such as being shot in fireworks, shot from a shotgun, or launched into space!

No matter what kind of person you are or what kind of person your deceased loved one is, it can bring greater peace of mind to know that your remains are going to be handled in a way that truly reflects the personality of the life that was lived.

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