Memorial Jewelry: Keeping Loved Ones Close

cremation services Independence MOLosing a loved ones is undoubtedly one of life’s most challenging experiences. While time helps in navigating the grief and healing the anguish, we continuously search for methods to keep our departed loved ones close to us. Memorial jewelry is a tangible tribute, providing a comforting sense of closeness and a personal remembrance with cremation services in Independence, MO.

Memorial jewelry, or keepsake jewelry, is a unique way to memorialize a loved one. Its centuries-old history originated in the Victorian era when pieces featuring a lock of the deceased’s hair were standard. However, such jewelry has evolved significantly, offering a broad range of symbolism and emotional connection.

Types of Memorial Jewelry

Memorial jewelry comes in various forms, and your chosen style will depend on your preference and the kind of tribute you wish to have.

1. Cremains Jewelry: These pieces contain a small compartment where a tiny amount of the loved one’s remains can be sealed. It’s a discreet way to keep your departed close and can be designed as a pendant, ring, or bracelet.

2. Fingerprint Jewelry: Fingerprint jewelry captures the unique detail of a person’s fingerprint, creating a personal and intimate keepsake. This type of jewelry is often finished as pendants, rings, or cufflinks.

3. Photo Engraved Jewelry: Technology now allows engraving a loved one’s photo directly onto the surface of pendants, creating a visual memento that is both touching and beautiful.

4. Birthstone Jewelry: Incorporating a loved one’s birthstone into jewelry can symbolize their birth and life.

Choosing Memorial Jewelry

When choosing memorial jewelry, consider a design that best represents the loved one. If the individual was a nature lover, jewelry incorporating elements like flowers or leaves could be fitting.

It’s also essential to select a piece that fits with your style and that you would wear regularly. Pendant necklaces, rings, or bracelets are all popular choices.

Materials used in memorial jewelry range widely. You can opt for more affordable options like stainless steel or precious metals like gold or silver. Some people may choose diamonds or birthstones as embellishments.

The Healing Impact of Memorial Jewelry

cremation service Independence MOThe value of memorial jewelry extends beyond a traditional accessory and transforms into an intimate keepsake that offers comfort in the face of grief. It serves as a physical token of our memories, keeping our connection with the departed alive.

Additionally, having a tangible remembrance can stimulate conversation about our loved ones, keeping their stories and legacy alive.

In closing, memorial jewelry is a comforting, personalized tribute to dearly departed loved ones after cremation services in Independence, MO. Wearing a piece of them close to our hearts reminds us of who they were, their influence on our lives, and the love that never fades. It is a significant step towards healing, transforming grief into a celebration of a lived life, allowing us always to keep our loved ones close to us. Remember, the right piece is the one that feels right for you, correlating with your style and the way you wish to remember your loved one.  Contact us today if you need help or would like to get more information about what we can offer.

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