New Design Company Offers Custom-Made Cremation Urns

From placing cremains into fireworks, to embedding ashes in a coral reef or vinyl record, there are countless unique, creative ways to memorialize your loved one after they’ve been cremated. Now, a new startup design company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota is making customized urns using 3-D printers to help families forever capture the memories of their loved ones.

The company, called Foreverence, began making the urns at the beginning of this past summer. Foreverence has six employees, all of whom help families choose a custom design for an urn that best represents the hobbies and interests their loved ones had while alive. Most families already have an idea of how they want their custom urn to look prior to meeting with Foreverence, and past urn designs have ranked from cars, to ballet slippers, to pianos.

Each urn costs approximately $2,500, and takes about nine hours to make using the 3-D printer, followed by between eight and 12 hours spent painting the urn. Most of the urns are made using ceramic materials, but are available in metal for a higher cost. Foreverence is predicted to bring in $500,000 this year, and is projected to make about $3.3 million three years from now.

Foreverence is entering the cremation market at just the right time, considering the cremation rate in Minnesota is projected to increase by two percent every year, based on statistical data released by the Cremation Association of North America. At present, the cremation rate in Minnesota is 55 percent, whereas the nationwide cremation rate is about 45 percent. Many individuals and families are now opting for cremation given the option is far less costly than funeral services and leaves less of a footprint on the environment.

Michael Nicodemus, the VP of cremation services for the National Funeral Directors Association, says companies such as Foreverence are innovative because they allow families to have more of a role in the cremation process in terms of choosing how they want to remember and honor their loved ones. Foreverence is the ideal option for families who want to avoid choosing a stock urn in which to store their loved ones’ cremains by allowing for customization and originality.

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