Options for eco-friendly cremation

In this day and age where natural resources, carbon footprints, and our impact on the environment have become such important concerns, the topic of eco-friendly cremation has also seen a rise in interest. Currently, there are two general forms of cremation that fall under the heading of eco-friendly, and a cremation alternative that is even greener.

The first form of environmentally friendly cremation that might interest someone looking to be in harmony with nature is the closest to a traditional cremation. However, with this process, traditional embalming fluids are not used. This requires the funeral to take place sooner, but releases no harmful chemicals into the atmosphere during the cremation. Using natural caskets during the cremation process achieves the same end: reduction of gases released. Urns can be crafted from biodegradable products that will break down when buried, thereby returning the ashes to the soil.

The second form of eco-friendly cremation is a newer technique introduced recently in Europe and finding its way over to America. Known as bio-cremation or low-heat cremation, this process uses about 80% of the energy output of a conventional cremation. In this process, the body is placed in a high alkaline solution that breaks down the tissue, leaving behind some bone material, which is reduced to an ash-like dust that can be placed in an urn. The time required for bio-cremation is almost identical to conventional cremation.

The third alternative is eco friendly, but not necessarily cremation. It is a process created in Sweden several years ago known as corpse composting and has been hailed as one of the most eco-friendly burial forms around. In this process, the body is frozen in liquid nitrogen and buried in biodegradable caskets, allowing the body to return to the soil without the interference of embalming. While not cremation, this is a form of burial that has recently begun circulation through the eco-friendly forums.

While it’s never pleasant to think of burying a loved one, the ideas of cremation and finding a way to give back to nature appeal to many people. At Heartland Cremation, we understand that cremation is a special way of remembering and memorializing your loved one, and that is why we will work with you in arranging a simple and worry-free cremation service. For more information, please contact Heartland Cremation at one of our greater Kansas City area locations.

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