Planning a Memorial Service that Balances Tradition and Customization

As cremation becomes increasingly popular in American culture, fewer people are sticking purely to tradition when it comes to planning a memorial service or funeral. However, those who want to honor their loved one’s wishes in regards to holding a traditional service, or have family members who prefer tradition, often look for ways to mix a traditional memorial service with customization.

Some religions still turn to tradition for funeral and memorial services. For example, Orthodox Jewish services and Catholics often still practice tradition, as well as those who practice Hinduism. But sometimes, even these individuals are making more room for customization in their funeral and memorial services.

When planning a memorial service or funeral for your loved one, consider speaking to your officiant about any preferences you may have in terms of customization. In some cases, your officiant may be open to making a few minor customized changes as long as much of the ritual remains traditional. For example, many Hindu and Catholic services now allow a close friend or family member deliver a brief eulogy at the beginning of the funeral or memorial service so as not to disturb or deviate from the remainder of the traditional ceremony.

For those who feel uncertain or on the fence about how traditional a memorial service should be, they can speak to their loved one’s cremation provider or funeral director about ceremonies that can honorably blend tradition with customization. For example, a family can request that a formal ceremony be held as long as attendees dress casually in their loved one’s favorite sports gear, or can request that a formal ceremony be held at their loved one’s favorite venue. No matter what the case, there are countless ways to blend tradition with customization when planning a memorial service.

In the end, it’s important to remember that you usually have only one chance to make a memorial service meaningful. Take this opportunity to really plan out an honorable memorial service that your loved one would have truly appreciated — whether it ends up following tradition, customization, or both.

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