Practicing Proper Etiquette at Cremation Ceremonies

In the United States, most people are making cremation part of their final wishes in place of a traditional funeral and burial. Considering cremation is so vastly different from a traditional funeral, cremation and memorial service etiquette is also just as different, and is largely based on a family’s unique cultural traditions. Additionally, memorial services are generally more casual than traditional funerals, and allow more time for guests, friends, and family members to remember and memorialize their loved one in their own personal way.

Photos, personal objects, and donations versus flowers

Traditionally, most guests will send flowers to a grieving family so they can be displayed during the funeral. Today, since memorial services are much more casual and flexible in nature, many families request that photos, donations, and personally-prized items of their loved one be displayed at the memorial service in place of flowers. In some cases, families will specifically ask guests to donate money to their loved one’s favorite cause instead of spending money on flowers.

Slideshows and videos versus viewing

Most families who choose cremation usually do so because the process is simple, worry-free, and cost effective. While most cremation providers do give families the option to have a viewing, most families forego a viewing since there are extra costs associated with embalming and using a rental casket. Since there is typically not a viewing before cremation, most families will choose to play a slideshow or video during the memorial service to commemorate their loved ones. Sometimes, family members will play their loved one’s favorite songs during the slideshow or video, or songs that are relevant to the type of lifestyle their loved one lived. Most guests who have attended a memorial service that featured a slideshow or video say that these services were uplifting since they were able to see their loved one in action on-screen.

Scattering ashes versus burial

After a traditional funeral service, the casket is transported or carried to the cemetery, where burial takes place. With cremation, there is no formal burial in a plot, so the scattering of ashes usually takes place at a different location and sometimes even on a different day. In some cases, families will opt out of scattering their loved one’s ashes and instead, will keep their loved one’s cremains in a custom-made decorative urn in their home.

At Heartland Cremation, we are devoted to providing you with a simple and dignified way to remember and honor your loved one. Heartland Cremation offers a comfortable and uncomplicated experience when it comes to arranging cremation and funeral services. With four generations of experience in the cremation business, we currently serve the greater Kansas City region and surrounding areas.

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