Survey Supports the Growing Popularity of Cremation

According to a new study conducted by LifeWay Research, the overall American attitude toward cremation is continuing to shift and evolve in favor of the process. As the years pass, more and more people are starting to choose cremation over traditional burial.

LifeWay Research decided to conduct the survey on cremation after the Cremation Association of North America reported that 43.5 percent of Americans chose cremation in 2012, which was more than double the amount reported in 1996. The poll contained three questions or statements that sought to gain a better perspective of how the average American viewed cremation, and involved 1,000 study participants.

The first poll question asked participants whether they believed it was acceptable to cremate a person following death, to which 71 percent agreed, and 15 percent were unsure of their views on cremation. The second statement asked participants whether they planned on being cremated following death, to which 41 percent said yes, and 29 percent were unsure. Finally, the last question in the poll asked whether participants felt bodies could be resurrected to live in heaven following cremation, to which 58 percent said yes, and 20 percent were unsure.

Cremation has been growing steadily in popularity in recent years with the decline of nuclear families. Since family members now live relatively far from one another in different parts of the country, burial plots and funerals are no longer cost-effective and accessible for many. Additionally, cremation often costs up to several thousand dollars less than a traditional funeral, which also requires a casket.

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