The benefits of Choosing a Biodegradable Urn

A biodegradable urn is an urn made from eco-friendly materials such as leaves, untreated wood, paper, and other recycled and natural elements that can decompose when buried into the ground. Biodegradable urns are ideal for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, and for those who want to travel by air with their loved one’s cremains. Biodegradable urns are also ideal for those who are unsure what to do with their loved one’s cremains right away, especially since biodegradable urns will not begin to decompose until placed in the ground or in water.

In most cases, a biodegradable urn will last for up to 20 years before it starts to break down. When placing in the water, a biodegradable urn will last for between two and three days, and for up to one year when buried underground. The materials used in biodegradable urns are safe for wildlife and sea creatures, and contain no harmful chemicals or plastics that could put living organisms on the planet at risk.

There are two main types of biodegradable urns: those that can be placed in the water, and those that can be buried in the earth.

Water biodegradable urns are made to sink into an ocean or body of water in a slow, graceful manner, and are often made from materials such as sand, rock salt, recycled paper, and gelatin — all of which are natural materials that can blend safely and naturally into a water habitat.

Earth biodegradable urns are made to decompose over a period of time when buried in soil, depending on the ground’s moisture level and climate, and are made from non-toxic materials that are safe for the surrounding environment.

In addition to being safe for the environment, biodegradable urns can decompose quickly and allow your loved one to return to nature shortly after their passing. The use of a biodegradable urn may also relieve you of having to adhere to strict rules and regulations concerning the scattering of ashes in any given area, and will allow you to pass through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when traveling between airports.

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