The Benefits of Cremation Planning

Today many people are beginning to understanding all the advantages that cremation offers them for end-of-life planning. Each year more people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial. Currently in some states such as Arizona, Hawaii, and Oregon, more than half of all burials are cremations.

Cremation is cost effective
Depending on the funeral arrangements chosen by the family, opting for cremation can save a family substantial burial costs when a casket, burial plot or headstone are not purchased.

Cremation offers multiple burial options
Families can also choose to pay for an elaborate burial when cremation is involved. Some families may decide to purchase specially designed cremation urns or even have the urn placed inside a columbarium located at a cemetery of their choice.

Cremation slows burial land use
The land that is dedicated to burials regularly increases each year. Because several burial urns can be placed in the space taken up by just one casket, choosing cremation can effectively slow down the use of land for burials.

Cremation offers a simple funeral experience
Cremation is an attractive option for people who don’t want an extravagant funeral experience. Many people don’t want all of the rituals and requirements that go along with a traditional burial. Choosing cremation can provide people with the modest burial experience they desire.

Remains are not buried in the ground
Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of a loved one’s body decomposing inside a buried casket. Cremation offers these people the option of having the body disposed of as they choose. Many people find having their ashes spread over a special area preferable over being buried in the ground.

At Heartland Cremation, we assure you that your loved one will be well cared for at all times and that they’ll be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Our cremation services currently span the Kansas City, Jefferson, and Columbia, MO, regions. Contact Heartland Cremation today to learn more about our cremation and funeral services.

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