The Best Keepsake Jewelry You Can Purchase at Funeral Homes

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Would you and your family like to purchase some keepsake jewelry that will help you to remember a loved one forever? Most of the funeral homes in Kansas City, MO should be able to provide it for you. But before you start buying up a bunch of keepsake jewelry, you should take the time to learn about the different options that you’ll have. Check out some of the best keepsake jewelry that money can buy below.

Fingerprint pendants

Your loved one inevitably left their mark on you and your family already. But you can literally keep their mark around by wearing one of the many fingerprint pendants that you can find at a Kansas City, MO funeral home. Your loved one’s fingerprint can be placed on almost any type of pendant that you would like. It’s a fantastic way for you and your family to continue to feel your loved one’s presence even though they aren’t around in the physical form anymore.

Fingerprint urn pendants

If your loved one was cremated, you and your family might be trying to figure out what you want to do with their remains. Why not have a small portion of them put into a fingerprint urn pendant that you can keep on you at almost all times? This is another really good way for families to maintain strong connections to their loved ones. Each of your various family members can invest in a fingerprint urn pendant that you can then all wear around in remembrance of your loved one.

Fingerprint lockets

Do you have a specific photo of your loved one that you really like? If you do, you can cherish it forever by sticking it inside of a fingerprint locket. This type of locket can include both your loved one’s fingerprint and a photo of your loved one. Any time that you find yourself missing your loved one, you can simply crack open your locket to look at their face and get the relief that will come along with it. This is easily one of the best types of keepsake jewelry around.

Fingerprint dog tags

If you want something a little different when you’re shopping for keepsake jewelry, you may want to lock into buying fingerprint dog tags. These types of dog tags are available in 14K gold, sterling silver, aluminum, brass, and more. And since dog tags are a little larger than some of the other options on this list, you canfuneral home in Kansas City, MO also include a meaningful inscription on them if you would like to go that route. You’ll really appreciate the feeling that you’ll get when you walk around with these fingerprint dog tags hanging around your neck.

Are you and your family interested in investing in keepsake jewelry? You can check it out while you’re making Kansas City, MO funeral arrangements for your loved one at a funeral home. Call us today to discover more about the different types of keepsake jewelry that we can provide for you and your fellow family members.

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