Tips For Discussing Cremation Plans With Your Loved Ones

Planning a memorial service for a loved one can be stressful, and sometimes the anxiety is compounded whenever cremation is chosen. If you’re in this situation, you may be wondering how to break the news to other family members who may be opposed to the idea. The following suggestions will help you discuss cremation plans with others so that they will be more accepting and supportive of the decision.

If the recently departed had expressed a desire to be cremated before passing, share this information with other family members and ask that they respect the wishes of the deceased. Mention to your family that these wishes were discussed ahead of time, and that cremation was a preferred choice.

Perhaps your loved one didn’t state a preference for either burial or cremation, and the choice was simply left up to you. In that case, you no doubt had to weigh a lot of important factors in order to come up with your decision. Talking with others about the benefits of cremation could help them understand why you made the choice you did. Discuss the fact that cremation is more economical, saves valuable land space, and provides more options for final disposition.

Your family could be unsure about cremation because they like the idea of being able to visit a gravesite. They may feel that it won’t be possible to do this if the deceased is cremated. There could also be some conflict over who will retain the ashes, or how and where they will be scattered. Since there are so many options available, you can easily talk with other members of your family in order to come up with a compromise. Some options you may want to consider are:

  • Having cremation jewelry made for everyone
  • Placing ashes in multiple urns so that more than one person can retain them
  • Having an ash-scattering ceremony in a location your loved one cherished
  • Having the urn buried in a traditional cemetery setting

Planning a cremation can be difficult, especially when other family members aren’t fully accepting of the idea. At Heartland Cremation, we promise to show you compassion during this difficult time, and will be glad to talk with other family members about your decision as well.

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