Tips for Pre-Planning a Cremation Service


Planning your own cremation service in advance may seem like a morbid task for some and might be the last thing you want to think about. However, pre-planning a cremation service can really help out your loved ones when your time finally comes, and can help them make decisions when it comes to finalizing the details of your service as well as how and where you would like to have your ashes scattered.

When pre-planning a cremation service, you’ll need to think about the type of memorial service you would like to have, the container or keepsake in which you’d like your cremains stored, the location at which you want your ashes scattered, and more.


Here is a basic guide and some tips you can refer to when pre-planning your own cremation service.

  • Consider how much you want spent on your cremation service. Prices of memorial services may range anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the type of service you choose. A simple cremation is often the least costly option, however, you may also arrange for a viewing and traditional funeral ceremony prior to the cremation, which tends to range higher in price.
  • Determine where you want your memorial service held. Most cremation societies allow you to arrange a viewing at their location, however, you can also arrange for your memorial service to take place at one of your favorite venues.
  • Write down on paper or inform friends and loved ones about how you want your memorial service to go. Do you want certain music played during the ceremony? Do you want certain food and drinks to be served? Sometimes, telling your loved ones exactly how you want the memorial service handled can help ease the burden, and make the ceremony more enjoyable in honor of your legacy.
  • Determine how you want your cremains handled. Some people prefer to have their ashes buried alongside loved ones in a graveyard, whereas others want their ashes scattered at their favorite locations. You can also choose to have a loved one store your ashes at home in an urn, or made into keepsake items such as jewelry that can be distributed among friends and family members.
  • Speak with your religious or spiritual leader regarding the traditions of your faith. In some cases, your religious or spiritual leader can provide you with insight on how the memorial service should be performed, which can be helpful and considerate for your loved ones if they are of the same faith.
  • Write your own obituary. Nobody knows more about your interests and life accomplishments than you. Think about how you want your life celebrated and remembered by your friends and loved ones as you sit down to compose your obituary, and save your loved ones the burden of having to write your obituary after you pass.


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