Tips for Saving Money on a Funeral Service

In the United States, the average funeral service costs about $8,000. Often included in the total funeral cost are non-refundable service fees, casket and embalming fees, fees for facility and ceremony use, fees for the use of a hearse, and more. Though some cremation and burial societies offer more affordable funeral options, working with many funeral homes can become costly.

However, thanks to the rise of cremation and to more accessibility provided on behalf of the Internet, families can now choose from a multitude of funeral options, and do not necessarily have to pay thousands of dollars to ensure their loved ones receive the care and honorable ceremonies they deserve.

Here are tips you can follow to save money on a funeral service:

Choose a Cremation Service
Cremations are often simple, worry-free services that are much lower in cost since they do not require embalming, viewing, or the use of a casket. While these extra options are certainly available, a cremation can often cost around $1,100 or less, depending on the options you choose for honoring your loved one.
Host a Memorial Service at your Home
Renting a venue at which to hold a memorial service can become quite costly, especially if you rent a large space. Regardless of whether you hold a memorial service for a funeral or cremation, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by hosting the memorial service in your home.

Opt for a Green Funeral Service or Burial
A “green” funeral service or burial is often lower in cost because it replaces certain traditional services with those that are environmentally-friendly. High-end caskets can be replaced with caskets made from wood and other biodegradable materials, and the embalming process can include the use of formaldehyde-free products.

Shop Around for Low-cost Urns and Caskets
Cremation urns and caskets are not just available from local funeral homes, but from third-party websites and certain retail stores such as Costco. Before purchasing an urn right away, shop around for those that have more economical prices.

Compare the Prices of Funeral Homes in your Area
Before you make arrangements with the nearest funeral home, call around to receive quotes from different funeral homes on one or more cremation or funeral services you may be interested in. Some funeral homes and cremation societies outside of your local area may even be willing to travel to you to help you make arrangements in exchange for your business.

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