Tips for Writing an Honorable Eulogy


The eulogy is often one of the most important parts of a memorial service for a cremation or funeral. When written honestly from the heart, a eulogy can help friends and family remember and celebrate your loved one’s life, while also grieving in the process.

After your loved one has passed, it can sometimes be difficult to find the strength and mental clarity to write and compose a meaningful eulogy. But as long as you can keep an honest and positive mindset, and develop an outline to use as a guide, you will have the ability to write an honorable eulogy that acknowledges the uniqueness of your loved one’s life and memory.


Here are tips you can follow for writing an honorable eulogy:

  • Kick off the eulogy with one or two humorous stories about your loved one and their life. A funny story will help break the ice and allow people to remember your loved one with happiness. Did they ever do anything crazy, wild, and adventurous? Did they do something funny once that was talked about for years afterward? Stories like these can help friends and family grieve in a positive manner.
  • Talk about the hobbies and activities that gave your loved one pleasure, such as fishing or listening to jazz music.
  • Mention your loved one’s name throughout the eulogy, instead of referring to them as “he” or “she.”
  • Briefly mention the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death.
  • Include some quotes from one or more people who inspired your loved one, or from a person they really liked or looked up to. Quotes from your loved one’s heroes or heroines may reflect some of their own beliefs.
  • Talk about your loved one’s best accomplishments achieved throughout the course of their life.
  • Speak about the many differences your loved one made in the lives of others, and include the memories others have in regards to your loved one.
  • Talk about how your loved one affected your own life in a positive manner, and how their death has affected you. Be as honest as possible, so that the eulogy has a more meaningful impact for those attending the memorial service.
  • Acknowledge the pain and mourning of those attending the ceremony, and allow them to grieve openly.
  • Include a message toward the end of the eulogy that helps friends and family recognize and appreciate life, while also acknowledging how mortality is inevitable.
  • End the eulogy by stating that your loved one will be greatly missed by many and will always be loved.

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