Turn Cremated Remains into Keepsake Jewelry

One of the benefits of cremation is that the family of the deceased has options for what they can do with their loved one. Traditionally, families will leave the ashes in an urn or scatter the ashes at a memorable location. Some other options include turning cremated remains into fireworks, a compound that supports the coral reef, a vinyl record, and tattoo ink. You can even have the remains shot into outer space! While some of these may seem extreme, families choose options like these in order to fulfil a wish of the departed or to keep their loved one’s remains near.

With more families choosing cremation over burial, innovators continue to come up with new options for what the family can do with the remains. One such innovator is Matthew Olian, founder of founder of Grateful Glass. Olian has been blowing glass for 15 years. One day, he came up with the idea to take cremated remains and blend them with glass. Crafting artisan glass with cremated remains is unique, so Olian had to develop a special method for making glass human ashes. He and his small team use this method to develop beautiful masterpieces with your loved one’s ashes.

Olian and the Grateful Glass team see making glass out of cremated remains as a way to truly have a long-lasting keepsake of your loved one. Glass doesn’t fade or deteriorate as quickly as metal, wood, or other materials. Grateful Glass specializes in creating jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and cuffs. They can also make keychains, urns, and orbs out of your loved one’s remains, and will even craft glass from the remains of your pets. If you have a different idea of what you want than what they offer, you can contact Grateful Glass to have a custom glass piece done.

It doesn’t take a large portion of the cremated remains to craft jewelry, so you can have a cremation memorial service or scattering because you will still have the majority of the remains. Grateful Glass claims that its glass artisans treat the remains with utmost respect and care throughout the process, and they even let clients schedule an appointment to come watch the artists in their process.

If you’re looking for a special way to keep your loved ones close, visit Grateful Glass at www.gratefulglass.com.

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