Using Displays and Presentations to Personalize a Memorial Service


Years ago, funerals and memorial services were kept traditional and standard, and nearly all services were identical to one another. Today, as cremation continues to grow more popular, more people are starting to realize and understand that a memorial service is a great way to celebrate the unique traits and lives that had once belonged to our loved ones.

When planning the memorial service for your loved one, you can make the service more personalized by setting out objects and other memorabilia that truly reflected your loved one’s interests, hobbies, and life passions. These items can be placed on a “memory table,” or included in the presentation portion of the memorial service.

Given that we now live in an advanced digital age, you can also develop a slideshow or presentation made up of various photos and videos to show at the memorial service. In most cases, you can use software to add music and images to slideshows and videos, which can help with communicating to the audience what words cannot in times of grief.


Here are additional ideas surrounding the use of displays and presentations when personalizing a memorial service for your loved one:

  • Designate one or more “memory tables” for displaying objects that were unique to your loved one. The tables can contain trophies, awards, mementos, and other items that were important to your loved one, and accurately reflects their life accomplishments and hobbies.
  • Compile a number of photos and newspaper articles that mention your loved one and display them in frames, scrapbooks, or in a slideshow presentation.
  • Decorate the venue at which the memorial service is being held with paintings, artwork, or other types of decor that reflect your loved one’s interests and personality. For example, if their favorite color was yellow, decorate the venue using yellow streamers and balloons.
  • Play a recording of your loved one’s favorite music at the service, or if possible, hire a live band to play their favorite songs.
  • Serve your loved one’s favorite food or snacks at the memorial service.

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