What Can a Family Do With Cremated Remains? The Top 5 Options

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Are you on the verge of holding cremation services in Kansas City, MO for a loved one? If you are, then it’s not going to be long before you’re handed your loved one’s cremated remains in either an urn or basic cremation container. And at that point, you’re going to need to know what you’re going to do with them next. You should have some general idea of what your options will be. Learn about 5 of your best options below.

1. Bring them home.

Do you want to keep your loved one’s remains close by in the years to come? Then you may want to consider bringing their remains home with you at the conclusion of their Kansas City, MO cremation. You can put the remains into an urn and display it somewhere in your home so that your loved one’s memory stays alive. This has turned into a popular option for many families over time.

2. Bury them.

If you don’t want to be responsible for keeping your loved ones remains safe in the coming years, another option that you’ll have is burying them in a cemetery. You can pick out a burial plot for them, stick their remains into the ground, and then put a marker or headstone on top of them. This will provide your whole family with a place to gather to pay their respects to your loved ones.

3. Store them in a columbarium.

If you like the idea of storing your loved one’s remains in a cemetery but you don’t like the idea of burying them, there is another good option for you. You can stick your loved one’s remains into a cremation niche in what’s called a columbarium. A columbarium is a structure or, in some cases, a wall that is designed to hold urns and protect them. You and your family will be able to visit your loved one’s remains whenever you would like with this option without putting them into the ground.

4. Scatter them.

If you don’t mind parting ways with your loved one’s remains, something that a lot of families have started to do is scatter the remains of their loved ones. You can take your loved one’s remains to a place that was special to them and scatter them there. Some good places to scatter a person’s remains include out at sea, up on a mountain, or out on a nature trail.

cremation services in Kansas City, MO

5. Put them into jewelry.

Nowadays, cremation jewelry has become a big craze among some families. This jewelry is built to house a small amount of a person’s remains. From necklaces to bracelets to rings, there is all kinds of great creation jewelry out there for you and your family to enjoy. If you’re planning on giving each person in your family a small piece of your loved one’s remains, this could be a great way for everyone to store them and keep the remains close.

Before you can begin planning out what you’re going to do with your loved one’s remains, you should work with a reputable Kansas City, MO funeral home to plan their cremation services. Heartland Cremation & Burial Society would be honored to lend a helping hand to you. Give us a call for more information on the cremation services that we can provide.

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