What Should You Wear to Memorial Services at Funeral Homes?

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For a long time, it wasn’t difficult for people to figure out what they should wear to memorial services at funeral homes in Kansas City, MO. For the most part, just about everyone at these events wore black suits and black dresses. Every now and then, someone might switch things up by going with a dark brown or dark blue suit or dress, but most people stuck to the script and wore all black. It was simply a part of the tradition when it came to attending memorial services.

Things have certainly changed in recent years, though. These days, people are veering away from wearing black at memorial services at funeral homes and taking more fashion risks overall. This is a good thing, but it can also create some confusion among those getting ready to attend memorial services. Here are some tips that will help you figure out the right thing to wear the next time you’re scheduled to go to a memorial service.

What Men Should Wear to Memorial Services

When men are preparing to attend a memorial service for a loved one, they shouldn’t move too far away from tradition. It’s still important for them to wear either a suit or, at the very least, a pair of pressed slacks along with a white or light-colored collared shirt and a tie. They can, however, go with more than just black suits and pants nowadays. They can also wear other colors like brown, navy, or even gray. Men definitely have a little more freedom than they used to when attending Kansas City, MO funeral services.

What Women Should Wear to Memorial Services

Just like men, women should try to avoid wearing any colors that are too bright to a memorial service. They should choose to go with black, brown, navy, or gray for it. But with that being said, they don’t have to wear solely dresses in this day and age like they used to. They can still wear dresses if they want, but they can also opt to wear a skirt and a blouse or business pants and a blouse, too. Women need to be careful about going overboard while accessorizing any of these looks, though. They should avoid wearing too much jewelry at once and stay away from super high heels or shoes that sparkle.

funeral homes in Kansas City, MO

Make Sure You See If a Family Wants You to Wear Something Special to a Memorial Service

One very important thing that you should consider when getting dressed for a memorial service is that some families have started to ask those attending memorial services to wear special attire to them. For instance, some will request that everyone wear brightly-colored Hawaiian shirts or outfits that incorporate their loved one’s favorite colors. When this is the case, you can forget everything that we mentioned above and follow a family’s instructions on what to wear to a memorial service.

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