What You Can Do to Customize a Loved One’s Urn

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Is your family going to stick a loved one’s cremation urn into storage following their cremation services in Independence, MO or bury it in a cemetery? If you are, you might not need to consider customizing their urn. No one is really going to see it anyway so you can get away with going with a standard urn. But if you’re going to put a loved one’s urn on display in your home, you might want to look into customizing it. It’ll be a great way to make your loved one’s urn stand out. Take a look at some of the things you can do to customize a loved one’s urn below.

Choose an urn made out of whatever materials you might want.

Urns can be made out of many different materials these days. You’ll be able to find everything from metal urns and wooden urns to stone urns and even biodegradable urns. The first thing you should do is select the materials that you want to use to create an urn for your loved one. If you’re going to display your loved one’s urn after their Independence, MO cremation, your best bet might be to go with an urn that is made out of something like metal or stone that will be very heavy-duty.

Pick out an urn that is a specific shape.

Another way in which you can customize a loved one’s urn is by picking out one that is a different shape than most other urns. These days, you can find urns that come in almost any shapes that you might want. You can also sometimes choose to have an urn designed to be a certain shape so that it represents your loved one in some way. For instance, if your loved one was a big basketball fan, you might want to think about having their urn made to look like a basketball or a basketball hoop.

Make an urn your loved one’s favorite color.

Regardless of what an urn is made out of or which shape it comes in, you can make the outside of an urn any color that you want. So you might want to consider making it your loved one’s favorite color. You might also want to consider making it something like the colors of your loved one’s favorite sports team. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t turn down the opportunity to add a pop of color to your loved one’s urn if you can.

Add engravings to the exterior of your loved one’s urn.cremation service in Independence MO

The easiest way to make your loved one’s urn extra special will be by adding engravings to the exterior of it. You can have your loved one’s name engraved on their urn. You can also have the dates of birth and death engraved on their urn. And you might even want to look into having a poem, song lyrics, or something else engraved on their service urn. Don’t be shy about exploring all of the different possibilities that might await you while you’re designing an urn for your loved one.

If you and your family want to customize a loved one’s urn, our funeral home can show you how to do it. We can also show families how to map out other parts of their loved one’s Independence, MO cremations. Give us a call to get the inside scoop on planning cremation services or visit our location.

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