When Can a Family Get a Loved One’s Remains Back?

Following a loved one’s cremation services in Kansas City, MO, you and your family will want to get your hands on their cremated remains ASAP. You’ll need to do this before you can bring the remains home, bury the remains, scatter the remains, or do something else with them. But you should know that you will usually have to wait a little while before you can obtain the remains. Some funeral homes will make you wait a week or more before giving you your loved one’s remains. Here’s why this part of the process can take so long.

They’ll need to begin by processing your loved one’s remains in the right way.

At the end of your loved one’s Kansas City, MO cremation, you might think that all that will remain of them is their cremated remains. But in reality, there will be a pile of bone fragments left behind that will need to be processed before a funeral home can give your loved one’s remains to you. A funeral home will need some time to process these remains so that they’re all small and uniform in size before you get them back.

They’ll need to fill out a bunch of paperwork related to your loved one’s remains.

There is quite a bit of paperwork that you and a funeral home will need to fill out throughout the course of the cremation process. There will also be quite a bit of paperwork that a funeral home will need to take care of following your loved one’s cremation. This is another that will slow down the process of you getting your loved one’s remains back. A funeral home won’t be able to legally give you back the remains until they’ve made their way through all this paperwork.

They’ll need to place your loved one’s remains into a cremation urn.

Your loved one’s remains will have to get put into a cremation urn after their remains have been processed. But this could end up being a problem if you haven’t provided a funeral home with an urn for the remains. This is one of the few parts of the process that you can take some control over. You can shop around for an urn for your loved one’s remains and get it to a funeral home as quickly as you can. It’ll ensure that you don’t encounter any delays when you go to get a loved one’s remains back.

They’ll need to schedule a time for you to come in and retrieve your loved one’s remains.

Most people will spend at least a few days mourning a loved one’s loss following their cremation before they even think about going back to work. But at some point, you will return to work, and from there, you will need to work with a funeral home to find a good time to retrieve your loved one’s remains. It might take a little bit of back and forth between you and a funeral before you’re able to find a time that works for both of you.


Our funeral home is always committed to helping families get their loved one’s remains back quickly following their Kansas City, MO cremations. Contact us now to plan a cremation for your loved one through us.

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