Why are Memorial Services Important?


Just as with birthdays, weddings, and baptisms, memorial services are a type of ritual, or symbolic activity that allows people to express their deepest thoughts and feelings about one of life’s most major and important events. A memorial service is a public and symbolic way to celebrate the life and mourn the death of a loved one after they have been cremated, and can help friends and family express grief in an open, supportive environment.


Here are five reasons memorial services are important following a cremation:

1. Memorial services help acknowledge the reality of death

After losing a loved one, it can be initially hard to accept and understand that they’re truly gone. However, a memorial service can serve as a “turning point” in regards to helping people acknowledge that their loved one has passed, and can help friends and family mourn and grieve in a healthy manner.

2. Memorial services help us remember our loved ones

After a loved one has been cremated, a memorial service can help us transition from being used to that person’s physical presence, to having that person live on in our memories. A memorial service is an ideal place to really think about all the moments you shared with your loved one, and provides a setting in which you can share those same memories with others attending the service.

3. Memorial services may help you form your new identity or role

When a loved one passes, your role in life may change, depending on how you are related to your loved one. For example, if you lost a spouse, you will now be a widow, or if you lost your child, you may now be a former parent. A memorial service can help others — and yourself — publicly acknowledge how the loss of a loved one has affected your life.

4. Memorial services can help friends and family search for meaning

When losing a loved one, we can often question why they passed, and why this is happening to us. The truth is that at some point, every person will come to pass. A memorial service can often help remind people that dying is unavoidable, and can help us embrace and truly celebrate our love for that person, as well as the life they lived.

5. Memorial services allow friends and family to support one another

In addition to honoring and celebrating a person’s life, a memorial service is an event that allows everyone to support one another through mourning and openly expressing grief. Those who attend a memorial service understand that the purpose of the service is to show and demonstrate support — whether it’s verbally, or nonverbally through embracing or simply just through presence.


In the end, memorial services can serve as the most important show of support for the living friends and family of a loved one.

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