Why Should you Choose Cremation Over a Funeral?

Cremation is a relatively new way to say goodbye to your loved one, especially considering funerals have been the traditional way to honor and memorialize loved ones for the last hundreds of years around the globe. Today, cremation is considered the most eco-friendly and economical way to place your loved one’s body at rest, which is partly why many Americans now prefer this practice over the traditional funeral.

Do your traditions and beliefs have you on the fence in regards to choosing between cremation and funeral? Here are some of the most common reasons today’s Americans are opting for cremations over funerals for their families and loved ones.

Family members are scattered throughout the country
Most individuals are scattered throughout the US due to relocation, work, college, and various other factors, which means many family members are often unable to visit gravesites frequently to mourn and honor their loved ones. Cremation allows families to distribute ashes among friends and family members, or hold ceremonies in which ashes are scattered in one or more locations.

Cremation is now widely accepted
In the year 2000, only 26 percent of the deceased were cremated in the US. In the year 2010, this number rose significantly to 40 percent. Cremation is now considered more acceptable than ever among the American population, and that percentage is continuing to grow.

Cremation is eco-friendly
As plot spaces in graveyards begin to run out, Americans are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact graveyards are having on the environment. Many believe that land should be made available for the living, and more people are opting for cremation as a result.

Religious restrictions are being lifted
Religious organizations are becoming more accepting of cremation, and are started to acknowledge and understand that the practice is economical and eco-friendly. For instance, the Catholic Church lifted its ban on cremation in the year 1963, and worldwide debate on cremation acceptance is still going strong.

Cremation memorial services are more flexible
Some families choose cremation due to the fact they can have more creative, personalized memorial services for their loved ones. Since there is no casket, and no formal viewing of the body, families can host memorial services nearly anywhere, and personalize service to properly memorialize their loved ones.

Cremations are being pre-planned
Today, family members are being proactive with arranging and pre-planning their cremations so their families don’t have to worry about planning and costs at the time of their deaths. Funeral arrangements are no longer being left up to family members to take care of.

Cremation saves money
The average cremation is about one-third the cost of funeral and burial services. Families can opt for a simple, worry-free cremation, or pay a bit more for extras such as viewing of the body before cremation, veterans services, and more. Some families even opt to donate their loved ones’ bodies to scientific research, after which the body is cremated free of charge.

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