Fulton, MO

Hearltand Columbia

Fulton, MO

Heartland Cremation and Burial Society has been serving families in the Greater Kansas City metro area since 2001. With four generations of experience in the funeral and cremation business, we believe that families should have the option to choose a cremation and memorial service for their loved one that is simple, affordable, and worry-free.

Heartland Cremation is pleased to announce that our funeral and cremation services now extend to all families who reside in Fulton, Missouri. Families that reside in the Fulton area can now honor their loved ones through any one of our simple, worry-free cremation services that are ideal for those who want to commemorate a loved one with a respectful service followed by cremation.

If your family lives in Fulton, we will be available to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week when your family is in need of support. Our Heartland staff is devoted to making you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible as we handle all the official authorizations associated with your loved one’s passing, and will transport your loved one from their Fulton location to our nearest cremation facility.

Please contact us at (816) 313-1677 if you live in Fulton and want to discuss simple, worry-free cremation services in greater detail. At Heartland Cremation and Burial Society, we believe that families come first, and will do whatever it takes to serve you and your family in your time of need.

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