Things to Consider when Planning a Cremation Memorial Service

When planning a cremation memorial service, one of the biggest concerns many people have is how the deceased will be displayed. Since viewing the body provides closure for friends and family members, a common fear is that cremation will not provide this opportunity. However, when you are planning a cremation, you have a number of options to consider that can help accommodate the wishes of friends and family members.

A cremation can be performed either before or after a memorial service. When it is done afterwards, the intact body can be placed inside a rental casket for others to view. This can be an excellent choice when there are loved ones close to the departed who are put off by the idea of cremation. They will be able to view the body in a traditional setting, much as they are typically used to.

When the cremation takes place before the service, an urn holding the ashes can be on display next to the minister’s pulpit. Three-sided display boards holding pictures of the loved one can be placed on the table with the urn in the center of it. You can also display a single photograph of the deceased next to the urn as a memorial. This option may be more suitable for a small private gathering where there is little opposition to the idea of cremation.

Many people like the idea of a traditional burial because they feel comforted by the graveside ritual that accompanies one. Just because a family chooses cremation does not mean that rituals still can’t be a part of the ceremony. Ashes can be buried in the ground just as intact bodies are. They can also be placed in a columbarium or scattered in a scattering garden in a cemetery. Private scatterings in remote locations are also popular. With any of these options, the opportunity for a graveside memorial conducted by a chaplain or minister is still a very real possibility.

At Heartland Cremation, we want to help you plan the cremation service that is exactly right for your loved one. Contact us today to find out more about the different types of arrangements we offer. With four generations of experience in the funeral and cremation business, we provide the Kansas City area with simple, worry-free cremation services that will treat your loved one with all the dignity and respect that they deserve.

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