Green Cremation

Green cremation is a newer option for those looking to reduce the environmental impact of their loved one’s funeral. It also provides an alternative to traditional burial or a standard cremation.

The process involves using natural, environmentally-friendly materials such as wood and cardboard in place of metal urns and concrete vaults. This reduces emissions into the environment by up to 90%.

What is green cremation?

Choosing to cremate your loved one can honor and benefit the living as well. By preserving wildlife habitats, forestry, and other forms of valuable land.

As the years passed, and as the United States population continues to grow. If done safely and properly, green cremation is a healthier alternative to the burial process. Also, it can help free up land that the living can continue to enjoy for years to come.

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How does Green Cremation work?

The process works by using water and alkalinity (potassium hydroxide) to reduce the body, like flame-based cremation. The whole process takes about an hour in total – just as long as traditional cremations take!

This method is very similar to regular flames based incinerators. They both use heat from fire but instead of a gas chamber, it uses potassium hydroxide for its chemical reaction with the deceased’s flesh after being put into tanks filled with hot water which dissolves them instantly unlike what you would see at other factories.

How much does Green Cremation cost?

Keep in mind that these charges do not include the cost of the cremation process itself, which averages $1,000-$2,500 and is handled by a funeral home or on-site crematory.

It can be difficult to find out exactly what it will cost when planning for your own or loved ones’ funerals. Now that there are more environmentally friendly options like green cremations available at some facilities, now may be an ideal time to consider greener alternatives without feeling overwhelmed with making arrangements on one’s own while grieving as well.

Green Cremation Providers like us

Green Cremation Association Accredited providers understand the difference and have committed to providing greener cremations. This is why they are members of the Green Cremation Organization.

GCO member companies follow a strict protocol that ensures extensive emissions testing with proper documentation to prove compliance with state law requirements. In addition, those who provide green cremation must be in full compliance with Federal EPA standards for pollution.

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The Benefits:

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly cremation service provider but aren’t sure where to start, consult this list of all GCO accredited funeral homes. These companies adhere to strict membership criteria before joining the association and continue to commit themselves to uphold the best practices in the industry.


Green cremation is performed using a system that filters emissions, and uses renewable energy sources — or an entirely offset system, creating zero emissions where possible. These providers even provide urns made from recyclable materials like bamboo.

Key Take-Away:

Heartland Cremation & Burial Society may also provide you with additional green options for the cremation process. These include the use of an eco-friendly temporary casket for viewing ceremonies or the distribution of eco-friendly urns.

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