How to Make Out-of-State Cremation Arrangements

Losing a loved one could be one of the most painful and difficult events you may ever experience from an emotional standpoint. After your loved one’s passing, it may be difficult to think about and prepare a simple cremation and memorial service arrangements. However, losing a loved one who lives in a location far away or in another state can make your loss even more difficult to bear, especially when planning may seem completely out of your control.

When you lose a loved one who lives out of state and you want the cremation and memorial service held in your local area, a local cremation provider may be able to help you in your time of need. In most cases, a local cremation provider can take full responsibility of arranging to have your loved one prepared for transport and moved from their out-of-state location to their own nearest cremation facility. In fact, many cremation providers understand that in your time of grief, you may want cremation and memorial service arrangements to be simplified as best as possible.

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Working with your local cremation provider to handle the out-of-state transport of your loved one can help you save on costs by working with just one, instead of two providers. An exception would be if you wanted to hold a memorial service in both the state in which your loved one resides, and in your own state surrounded by supportive friends and family members located nearby.

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In some cases, if you do not plan on holding a memorial service and intend to have your loved one cremated without a viewing, then a simple, worry-free cremation could be performed at the location of death. Following cremation, you can arrange with an out-of-state cremation provider to have the ashes, or cremains, sent to you via the United States Postal Service. When your loved one lives out of state, cremation is often the best choice if you want an affordable and simple option for handling the remains of your loved one.

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