Using a Rental Casket for the Viewing Before Cremation


If your loved one is going to be cremated, you can still arrange to have a funeral or memorial service with an open casket viewing. In most cases, cremation and burial societies will allow you to use a rental casket to help you save money on new casket fees, which can be quite costly (unless you’ve chosen simple cremations). A rental casket is a temporary casket that your loved one will be placed in for the duration of the viewing.

Some people think that choosing cremation means having to forgo a formal memorial service and open casket viewing. However, friends and family can arrange for an open casket viewing prior to the cremation. In some faiths and religions, it is customary to arrange a formal viewing to bid a final farewell. Using a rental casket at these times can be the preferred choice for those who come from different backgrounds.

A rental casket looks just like any other casket in appearance, except it contains a removable liner, also known as a cremation casket. The liner is used for sanitary purposes and is designed not to come into contact with the rest of the casket. After your loved one has been embalmed and prepared for the viewing, they will be placed on the removal liner within the rental casket.

When the memorial service or viewing has concluded, the cremation casket is removed from the rental casket along with your loved one and transported to the cremation facility for the actual cremation process.

Costs for rental caskets will vary between each cremation and burial society, ranging an average of anywhere from $750 to $1500. Although the casket is used as a rental, the staff from the cremation society takes steps to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of the casket to demonstrate honor and respect for your loved one and their friends and family members.

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If you’re in the process of preparing a cremation and memorial service for your loved one, consider using a rental casket. Having your loved one displayed in a rental casket will allow friends and family to say a dignified and final goodbye.

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